Assembly & Test

Assembly Station

BAYMAR’s team of engineers is highly effective at lean production layout, assembly and test documentation, and implementation of Quality at the Source, even on highly complex products.  We leverage our experience in the medical device, defense, aerospace, and commercial sectors to continually integrate best practices across various regulated industries.

As part of BAYMAR’s total solution offering, we are able to provide our customers a turn-key approach to contract manufacturing, from purchasing your entire bill of materials to final system level testing, allowing shipment directly to your end customers.  With BAYMAR’s ability to front inventory procurement costs,  there’s no need to tie up capital in raw material inventory or finished goods.  Additionally, our in-house machining capability considerably reduces third party lead times while providing exceptional quality control of the individual components.

Complementing our expertise in complex medical device assembly, we also operate in an ISO 7 clean room building sensitive assemblies such as LCD displays and touchscreen integration.

Display AssemblyBAYMAR is an engineering firm with extensive production experience and that talent is evident in the products we produce for our customers.  Contact us today to learn more about how our capabilities can best bring value to you and your customers.


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